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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Prime Minister's Office Messes With My Right To Information

Exasperated by the PMO's stubborn silence, I decided to exercise my Right To Information, with such results as can be seen from my complaint to the so called appellate authority.

In my experience it is the so called appellate authority that literally dictates the lowly Principal Information Officer's response.

The PIO is a mere Deputy secretary usually near retirement. He is expected to extract transparency from the hyper powerful Indian Administrative Service!

Only in India!

The appellate authority,did not bother to reply or even take my calls.

from divakar snatarajan
date Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 12:55 PM
subject Attn: Smt Vini Mahajan, Joint Secretary Re : No.RTI/453/2007 Dtd 14 Aug,2007 Don't let The PM down. Administer RTI in the right spirit.


Further to my request for information under RTI Act 2005,dtd 18th July,2007 I have received what appears to be a strange and awkwardly worded response from the Director and CPIO Shri K Dayani.

I have been asked " to provide details of the letters written by (me) "if any"," to enable this office to reply accordingly".

Because "the data pertaining to the period are not readily traceable as the data pertaining to the period is no longer available in the Computers".

This request appears strange because,

1. It appears to be misdirected to me.
This query ought to be directed to Dr Baru and Shri Muthu Kumar for appropriate results.

2. The RTI Act does not permit any conditions to be imposed on the petitioner by the CPIO to "enable this office to reply accordingly"

3. It passes my comprehension as to why the CPIO, should seek details from me again, when I have already done so.

I am sure you will agree, that prima facie this response from the CPIO appears to be a rather flimsy and frivolous dilatory tactic contravening both the letter and spirit of the "revolutionary" RTI Act 2005 of which our Hon'ble Prime Minister is justly proud.

In the event , I request you to kindly do the needful under the Law and procure me the complete information that I have requested.

I would especially like to know whether the Hon'ble Prime Minister has been properly and exhaustively briefed and kept current on my 17 year long sathyagraha against corruption?

Has he been made familiar with Dr Baru's 1991 Economic Times review of my documentary in Urdu "Hyderabad.August 1948" ?

Has he been told about the martyr Shoebullah Khan in the context of the recent attacks on Taslima Nasrin in Hyderabad.?

I shall be deeply grateful for a complete and exhaustive response including the files and other material that I have asked for.

Kindly feel free to call me at 09247584877 for any clarifications.


Divakar S Natarajan

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