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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Defreezing Comrade Gupta

From Gentle Revolutionary

To read my profile of Indrajit Gupta, please click on the link or the picture. This will take you to Picasa. If the picture appears too small, please click on the picture. It will enlarge and will display a magnifying glass facility on the top right.

I took the first readable draft of Gentle Revolutionary to Harish Khare at The Hindu. Zip... in not more than ten seconds Khare appeared to have read it and put it on his in tray.

"Arre baba, this is just a draft. Give me a response." I pleaded.

"What response ?" Khare grimaced and said nothing.

Harish Khare is too cool to respond to pleas from the likes of a Divakar S Natarajan.

Google "Gentle Revolutionary" today and you will find around four thousand results. Including one from the Soviet archives. But this was a year before Google and I thought I had minted it.

The 2003, Kamal Haasan, Madhavan, starrer "Anbe Sivan" is without a doubt inspired by this article and it would be nice if somebody out there admitted it.

From Shri Indrajit Gupta With My Little One

From Smt Gita Mukherji, Hon'ble Member Of Parliament, Lok Sabha

From Shri Harish Khare

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