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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shiney Ahuja Versus The Chief Information Commissioner Of India

In India today, where the systems of delivery of justice are in a frightfully derelict state, mutual consent is a mutual delusion.

A Chief Information Commissioner who has systematically perverted the RTI Act 2005 is no less psychotic, no less heinous and an infinitely larger menace to Indian society than an individual who has run amok.

And those who just stand silently and watch this violence, let me just say, they have lost the right to innocence.

Consider the facts: A suffering Indian citizen, petitions that his life and liberty have been conspiratorially incarcerated since decades, and submits impeccable evidence in support of his plea.

CIC contemptuously dismisses his plea and further counsels the petitioner to submit to the arbitrariness of officials.

This act alone completely violates both the letter and spirit of the law that he is sworn to uphold.

When the suffering but public spirited citizen does not obey his diktat, the CIC punishes him by throwing his appeal into a dark dungeon where it does not emerge until close to two years have passed.

Only in India will we lay hope on a process that comes to a culmination after years.

Self respecting people would consider this process a joke and the people who administer this farce as less classy, but more sinister than The Joker from Batman.

When finally the case does come up, the CIC smugly but relentlessly violates and distorts the petitioners pleas, eagerly laps up the Prime Minister's Office's (no offence to the Prime Minister - I have had a ring side view of how our babus treated another good man in high office) lazy lies and demonstrates once again - as if there were any doubts about that predilection of our babulog - how people in high places can skewer the law with brutal impunity and leave hapless law abiding citizens eating the dust.

And what about India's lapdog press and decadent editorial class ?

That dark mass of Dementors
dutifully photocopy the CIC's handouts of his wisdom and the next morning every sorry Indian is reading about the swashbuckling derring-do of our marvelous baburatna !

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