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Friday, August 28, 2009

James Astill's Dazed Denial

So I tracked down, Shri James Astill, who is the South Asia correspondent for The Economist, who speaks French,Japanese and Spanish but no Hindi, Urdu or Kannada and may be forgiven for not quite knowing the ways of us "lesser breeds without the law".

To Shri Astill's immense credit, I repeat immense credit, he did something extraordinarily humane.

He did something that very few Indians do.

He emailed me back.

Dear Divakar,

Though I am unversed in your various battles, I wish you success with them. But your effort to involve The Economist in this struggle seems odd: I'm afraid I can't see the connection. I don't why your comment was removed from The Economist website, though I suppose the fact that it seems to be not at all about the article you were notionally commenting on could be a reason. I imagine you can respond to the moderator asking for a fuller explanation. But we would not consider publishing your letter, for the simple reason that it is almost entirely unrelated to The Economist.

Best wishes,

James Astill

I have handraised a child and I know when she is dissembling.

The weak sarcasm is a dead giveaway.

Corruption is "not at all about the" the Indian economy ?

Did you read our Prime Minister's speech to our Central Bureau Of Investigation, Shri Astill ?

I will not grudge you the brownie points you may earned with Shri Khare's office, Shri Astill - but it doth seem like both Shri Khare and our Prime Minister are not on the same page.

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