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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mananiya Shrimati Pratibha Patilji , Are AK 47s The Way To Go ?

On the same day, the media bubbled over with the news that the President Of India, Pratibha Patil, got her photograph taken with Rukhsana Sultana, the Sherni Of Kashmir, there was a story in The Hindu about another young lady Ch. Anuradha who had attempted suicide.

ELURU: A whistle-blower of the Treasury Department in Andhra Pradesh, who was responsible for the arrest of four personnel in the Social Welfare Department, including a Deputy Director and another Assistant Director, in the Rs.30-lakh scholarship scam in West Godavari district, attempted to end her life. Ch. Anuradha (27), Senior Accounts Officer in the office of the District Treasuries department, was battling for life in the government hospital here after consuming sleeping tablets.

In a statement recorded by the police from her while undergoing treatment, Ms. Anuradha said the harassment by the sleuths of the Crime Investigation Department handling the case was the cause for her suicide bid. She said she had been subjected to harassment by CID personnel in the name of questioning her.

Unlike the leading lights of our ruling classes who affect a self aggrandizing cynicism and visible moral bankruptcy, both Ch Anuradha of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh and Rukhsana (Kausar? Sultana?)dealt with the failure of the State with courage and intelligence.

They asserted their dignity.

But the Indian State has shown a nearly ecstatic preference for Rukhsana.

What is the message?

From Drop Box

In the collective subconscious of India's ruling class, the quick and easy way of the AK 47 trumps the grotty uncertainties of the sathyagraha.

Incidentally, on that very day, the President Of India had presented Rukhsana a "memento" presumably something that will at least help Rukhsana scrape her tongue, the officer who is handling my case at Rashtrapati Bhavan,all the stuff that is on this blog has been available since months, if not years, with the babus of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and the Prime Minister's Office, banged the phone down on me.

"I am busy, man!" he cried "Do you think you are the only person, I must talk to?"

I am shameless. I called him right back.

He banged the phone down again. I called him again.

The telephone operator at Rashtrapathi Bhavan could sense something was afoot."Sir, Didn't I just connect you ?" she asked.

This time he relented. A bit.

"I have to sign hundreds of letters !" Bang.

All my emails have been addressed to the Principal Secretary, to the Rashtrapathi.

And the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Is it unthinkable that they just might come on the line to say a friendly "hello"?

Other than generating a couple of papers, if the Rashtrapathi's office has done anything else to heal a ravaged Constitution, it has certainly kept it well hidden.

In the case of the PMO, the section officer has told me, "no action will be taken".

It is not just some lowly policemen in the badlands of Andhra Pradesh or Bihar who torture and humiliate the sane. The whistle-blowers and RTI petitioners. The sathyagrahis.

The Chief Information Commissioner, the State Information Commissioner, The Chief Justice and Judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Prime Minister's Office, India's editorial class and a fellow traveling "human rights' ngos; they all do it.

They have all rubbished the RTI Act 2005 and the Indian Constitution.

And now the Rashtrapathi and the ruling elite glamorizes, AK 47 wielding vigilantes and desperadoes.

But one has to keep one's chin up, right?

Maybe, sanity will surface.

Maybe they will get the right message from the Anuradhas and Rukhsanas of this country.

This Deepavali, will the Indian State come up with a message of life ?

Or will it wring its hands, in "helplessness" and surrender gladly to death?

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