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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Faces Of Psychosis. Brutality Of The Sri Lankan Police Vs Perversity of the Prime Minister's Office.

It occurred to me that the picture of brutality is a vivid metaphor of how how the elites of the world keep reality at bay.

Without any irony at all, television reports reported that the Tamil youth - who was the subject of police attention - was mentally unbalanced.

Presumably the Sri Lankan Policemen were merely "doing their duty" and the thousands of gawkers were merely "helpless" .

divakarssathya wrote:
Oct 30th 2009 7:36 GMT

One of the few bright moments for me as an Indian was hearing Joseph Stieglitz commending the prudent policies of the then Governor of RBI.

Being "stitched in" might appear an attractive idea, but to imagine that a democratic Giant like India would be allowed to pursue such an Utopia might be a little wishful.

It is traditional for dictators to believe that weapons alone, will solve all problems. Their fascination and craving for big and bigger bombs never ceases.

Some others believe capital and more capital is the panacea.

But it is embedded in the Indian psyche that prosperity and well being evolve from a combination of several auspiciousnesses.

An appetite for capital must be matched by a efficient enough digetive system that will be able to receive and produce the most healthful results.

But if the system is stunted, diseased or otherwise out of order, the result will be more disease and probably a collapse.

The key to demonstrating confidence in India's future is to secure and develop its potentially magnificent people.

The world they create with their strong, healthy, loved and liberated geniuses may be very different from the world as it exists today. But I willing to imagine, that it will also be a much stronger, viable, vital world.

Unfortunately India today is mired in corruption.

Democaracy is working brilliantly, beyond the wildest dreams of avarice for a relative handful. And these are willing to defend their "democracy" with guns.

For the rest, India's performance on the Various indices of human development tell their own tale of delusion.

Several months ago, I wrote to the Prime Minister's Office documenting the serial misbehaviour of various constitutional authorities.

The Prime Minister's Office's response is to chase down and swat down my comments appearing in various eminent international media.

I doubt that such behaviour of the PMO is enhancing the image of India as a preferred democratic destination among the international media, but one may also wonder - is this all the Prime Minsiter's Office can do to protect its citizen's ?

Is the PMO and Rashtrapati Bhavan to mired in compromise to do anything other that punish the complainant ?

There is no dearth of perversity and foot shooting, so how smart are these guys anyway?

Don't they have enough people who hate their guts? Why would they want to add another with their juvenile delinquency ?

Given such dysfunctionality and perverse conduct from the most exalted offices of the land, is it any wonder that any attempt to inundate India with capital and "stitch it" with the rest of a single minded and twin emotioned, fear and greed, world, might not be welcomed with "flowers and garlands" ?

The Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Prime Minister’s Office are being quiet as mice about the impeccable evidence I have presented to them on the corrupt, duplicitous and psychotic conduct of the Government of India, the Government Of Andhra Pradesh, The Indian editorial class, the administrators of the Right To Information Act, and The Andhra Pradesh High Court.

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