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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My comment on Wall Street Journal's blog post yesterday."Corruption Allegations Look Set to Disrupt Narendra Modi’s Agenda". I await its publication.

I notice that I am the first to comment.

No surprise, given that the Indian state appears to be staring into the abyss of illegitimacy, that her doltish and corrupt ruling classes have driven her into.

Anybody with even an iota of constitutional sense would have realised by now that the NDA campaign was fuelled by lies.

That India's political system has abused the amenities of a republic to such extreme dysfunction that people can do no more than roll their eyes and change the subject.

Narendra  Modi came to power promising good governance.

Good governance sans legitimacy? Good governance where satraps suspected of stunning venality and heinous crimes bulldoze a rotted and delegitimized  ‘opposition’ ?


Since the last couple of years, I have intimated the Rashtrapathi, Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court of India about a corrupt judge in the Supreme Court. 
Little has happened  !

Corruption is a well organised conspiracy of silence. Whistleblowers risk their lives. Many are killed.

For close to three decades I have, as an unsupported, conscientious citizen written about, demonstrated and organised against corruption.

Oddly, India's editorial classes have been most prominent among those who have disparaged and muffled my efforts.

Emboldened by the corruption of the Press, the Judiciary, Rashtrapathi Bhavan, the Prime Minister's Office the Chief Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioner have all actively and maliciously conspired to violate my rights, humiliate and hound me.

The Government  and judiciary have dodged my various Right To Information petitions.

A massive, close to three decade long demonstration of the miredness, impotence and destructiveness of India's powers that be.

A former Governor , who I had petitioned for help, turned around and instigated my Apartments' Association to cut off my water supply.

Since April 5 2002, I have had to physically fetch water for my flat every other day .

Prasar Bharathi abused a stretched judiciary by pursuing a silly, motivated litigation that it has continued for decades.

In other words, it is impossible to earn an honest living in India today.

Riches beyond the dreams of avarice, such as for instance, showered on the players and hustlers of cricket, await those willing to violate India's trust.

My "no excuses", ultra peaceful, non partisan, individual sathyagraha against corruption and for the idea of the rule of law in India.  http

Now in its 25th year.

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