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Friday, August 28, 2009

Psychotic PMO Bareknuckles The Economist

Barely an hour after I spoke to Dr Harish Khare, currently media adviser to the Prime Minister and formerly one of the prime panjandrums of The Hindu's editorial page , I received an email from the Comments Moderator of The Economist.

It informed me that my comment on The Economist's cheery piece, Asia: An Astonishing Rebound was being removed.

The comment had stood since five days and had received its fair share of reader recommendation.

In my conversation with Harish Khare, he sounded about as distant and disoriented as our crepuscular elites are from the agonies of Indian citizens.

He did not remember me. "Indrajit Gupta? That was such a looong time ago !"

Khare had personally accepted my impressionistic profile of the late Shri Indrajit Gupta, then Minister of Home Affairs.

The Hindu, as the unofficial mouthpiece of the Communist Party Of India (Marxist) was involved in a serious sibling spat with the Communist Party Of India, Indrajit Gupta's party and was undermining him at every opportunity.

Since I was conveniently perceived as Indrajit Gupta's man by the wise heads of The Hindu, that was excuse enough for them to ignore my sathyagraha.

No, he had not read my comments in The Economist and he had no idea about the letters I had written to our Honourable Prime Minister.

And in the style perfected by India's babudom to rouse the monster in the breasts of even the meekest of human beings, he hung up on me.

"Hahn,okay,hahn!,by..." Click .

Approximately an hour later, I have this in my inbox:
date Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 3:09 PM
subject divakarssathya's comment to

Dear Sir,

The attached comment, posted under the pen name divakarssathya, has been deleted from The comment was removed because it breaks our comments policy:

We ask that future comments be made in the spirit of good-natured debate. Repeated violation of our comments policy will result in your being blocked from posting comments on

Yours sincerely,

Comments Moderator

Your comment:
In my earlier comment, I had pointed out how the Indian ruling elite,The
Press, The Judiciary, The Bureaucracy and of course The Political Class work
together to do nothing, so that desperate citizens who value their sanity and
innocence can then prostrate to them, acknowledge them as their true fathers
and mothers,mai-baap, pay them a percentage of their income and eke out a
living as vassals.

You had kindly permitted me to invite your esteemed readers to my blog,, where i have documented how -

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has systematically denied me due process.

The State Information Commissioner has concocted a transparent ruse to
rubbish the RTI Act 2005.

The Chief Secretary, the top bureaucrat of Andhra Pradesh, has personally
supervised the false and misleading information that was fed to me and has
also lied to the High court. The State Information Secretary never
represented himself in the Court.

The Chief Information Commissioner, in New Delhi, has comprehensively
contumed the RTI Act 2005, has chosen to not examine the false claims of the
Prime Minister's Office and has punished me for standing up for the proper
implementation of the Act.

Not only has the Prime Minister's Office, violated the RTI Act 2005 it has,
perhaps inevitably, clearly kept the Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh
in the dark about their sordid juvenile delinquency.

The Prime Minister's Office has not answered, or even acknowledged my letter
to him sent by registered post, number 9700, dated June 15, 2009.

After a great deal of work by the concerned postal authorities, I finally got
the acknowledgment due for the Speed Post dated 28 July 2009 on 17th August.
The letter had been delivered to the PMO on the 1st August and normally, I
would have received the acknowledgment not later than a week from that date.

I had also described to you the President's helpline, launched with fanfare.

I finally received a response:

Name : Shri Divakar S Natarajan
Date of Receipt : 04 Aug 2009
Current Status : The petition is transferred
Date of Transfer : 19 Aug 2009
State Government : Government of Andhra Pradesh
Officer's Name : Shri C.R.Biswal
Designation : Principal Secretary
Address : General Administration Deptt.
3rd Floor, B Block, AP Sectt.,
Telephone No. :

Note: You are requested to further liaise in the matter directly with
Principal Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh, General Administration
Deptt.3rd Floor, B Block, AP Sectt., Hyderabad for further information.

Well, if my President asks me to, I shall obey.

But are you and your esteemed readers, convinced that the President's
intervention in this form is adequate to address the issues that I have
documented ?

Or is it a, properly worded sigh of helplessness ?

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