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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Prime Minister's Office's Amazing Disgrace..

from divakar snatarajan
reply-to divakar snatarajan
date Tue, Aug 2, 2005 at 9:11 AM
subject Attn: Shri Muthukumar Amazing Disgrace Re "Own Up. Don't Cover Up."

"Own Up. Don't Cover Up".

Dear Shri Muthukumar,

Keeping in mind that more than a year has passed without even an acknowledgement from Dr Baru or the AP government, and that I have been making all the calls at considerable expense, and that even now the object appears to be to merely finesse the matter, ( like trying to hide a full pumpkin on the dinner plate) I have to reluctantly conclude that at present my chances of finding anything approaching fairness and justice from the government are no brighter than before.

Obviously the absurd "tomato face" of these officials is entirely subjective and has little to do with either the epic evil,-Kovalan comes to mind- that I have been subject to or indeed any serious concern regarding the reputation of the PMO.

If the PMO does not grab this opportunity to bite the bullet,(" cut the Gordian knot"your words Shri Muthukumar) and do the right thing, I don't care how many hysterical voices you have on your side, I guarantee it would emerge as completely morally bankrupt and stupid as Sarma, Reddy and the others.

So what is it that makes Sarma, Reddy or for that matter Hitler or Bush/Bliar appear so smart and yet act so stupid ?

Consider this:

" For the sadistic character, there is only one admirable quality and that is Power. He admires, loves and submits to those who have power and he despises and wants to control those who are powerless and cannot fight back" - Erich Fromm " The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness"

"The most important feature(of the "authoritarian" or "sado-masochistic" character} is its attitude towards power.

For the authoritarian character, there exists, so to speak, two sexes. The powerful ones and the powerless ones.

His "love", admiration and readiness for submission are automatically aroused by power, whether of an individual or an institution.

Power fascinates him not for any values for which a special power may stand, but just because it is a power.

Just as "love" is automatically aroused by power, so powerless people or institutions automatically arouse his contempt.

The very sight of a powerless person, makes him want to attack, dominate, humiliate him.

Whereas a different kind of character is appalled by the idea of attacking one who is helpless, the authoritarian character feels the more aroused, the more helpless his object has become."

- Erich Fromm "Escape from Freedom"

In other words, as a rule, people in or close to "power" are quite stunted in several ways and have only an intellectual acquaintance with human potentialities like, Integrity,Equity, Truth, Objectivity, Love etc.

Duplicity is natural to this character.

Bottom line, if I do not receive a definitive response from the PMO in the next twenty four hours, I'll have to reluctantly conclude that while you may have the head and the heart and all the right words,the nerve and stomach are atrophied.

In other words I have to, to my immense sadness , conclude that you guys are morally bankrupt are merely tripping on expediency and are an amazing disgrace to the high office that you hold.

I will then seek the next call on my tryst with destiny.


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